Whatever Forever

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Retro style "Whatever Forever" pin 

Size: 34mm by 25mm

What is Neon?
Neon is actually Greek for "new".  It's a chemical element belonging to the noble gases. The element was discovered by Lord Rayleigh and William Ramsay in 1898. The neon gas that acts as the filament in our lights is scares and complicated to manufacture - making neon lights truly special. 

Are your pieces real neon or LED?
We only produce works in original glass neon tubes. The light is warm and nostalgic in comparison to the cheap and cheerful cold LED. 

How much power does my Neon Light use?
Very little in fact! Neon light uses far less electricity than fluorescent lamps for example. Neon outputs far more light than LED. Neon is extremely efficient.

Is Neon Fragile?
Neon tubes are blown from glass imported from Italy. They're fragile and need to be handled with care. 

Do you guys offer a warranty?
Yes! Neon lives a very long and healthy life. A neon light burning 24 hours a day can last up to 8 to 15 years! We offer a one year guarantee on the light emittance. Please get in touch should your light stop shining. We do not offer any warranty on the glass tubes. We can however recommend a repair center in your area.

Do I need someone to install my neon?
All Juke pieces are self contained and can be hung on almost any wall using only a hilti. The transformer is built into the piece with only a fabric cable leading to a floor switch. Just plug it in, switch it on and set your brightness.

How Long Does Neon Lighting Last?
Neon can last decades. In practical terms the expected life span is between 8 to 15 years for a neon sign powered on 24 hours per day. You should not, under any circumstance, place your neon sign outside.

Is Neon Safe to Live With?
Neon is a rare atmospheric gas and as such is non-toxic and chemically inert. Neon poses no threat to the environment, and can have no impact at all because it's chemically unreactive and forms no compounds. No known ecological damage caused by this element.

How Much Are Your Neons?

Every piece is unique,however, pricing is determined predominantly by size, colour and intricacy. On average, our pieces range from R15 000 - R20 000. 

Do You Do Custom Neon?

Yes we do! We start with the artwork for the piece, once that is approved, we are able to quote. 

Do I need an electrician if something goes wrong with the light?

100% ! These lights run on an extremely high voltage, we highly recommend using a knowledgeable electrician to deal with any faults. Your safety is a priority for us so please do not fiddle with the lights. 

Are all your lights your unique designs?

Absolutely! No design will EVER be repeated. Each piece comes with a tag and a unique code. For custom pieces, we have bespoke tags on each custom piece we do. Each light, whether bespoke or a Juke design, comes with a certificate of authenticity.