Custom Neon

Don't see anything you love in our neon collection?
We're able to create almost anything with some limitations:

1. We do not do signage. No logos. No installations. No Signs. A signage company will be better suited to this type of job. 

2. We create artwork that hangs on your wall. Our neon works are mounted to a bespoke acrylic box that houses all the electrics. This box has a floating effect using our Juke designed invisible hanging brackets.  Each piece is uniquely considered and we can work with you to create something beautiful. 

3. To give a definitive quote, we need to create artwork and tech specs. This is why we have a quote fee that gets waived once we book your work in for production. The quote fee is R500. But you'll be able to get a sense of costing below:

Fill in the form below to get the ball rolling :

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